“What I like about UNITONE is the customer service – they respond very quickly to any issues that may arise, and the problems are quickly resolved. Also, the products are very good. I would recommend their services to any property looking for security systems.”

“…from the very beginning, this system became a critical part of the building. We’re part of Columbia University—so things have to be really good. UNITONE has a good staff- a “sweet” tone. I would rate the system a 9 ½ out of 10. Residents are extremely happy with it.”

“I was first introduced to UNITONE at a construction meeting. The owner, Lucien Bohbot, was describing the new security system at our luxury rental on Broadway. Although it’s very technically advanced, I was able to learn how to use it almost immediately, and more importantly, I was able to teach my staff. Now, they’re experts! The UNITONE system is one of the biggest selling points in renting the apartments at Ivy Tower. People are blown away by the screen and how the system works. It’s our ace in the hole.”

“…Lucien Bohbot, founder of UNITONE…is a great contractor and very responsive to my needs. Every time I call, I get a call back. Sometimes I call just to ask questions, and he or his technicians always call back. That is very unusual in this day and age. After all these years—the system works just fine. And the functions? I would never go back to the phone. I would never give up one function that we have. There is no better security than to be able to see your visitors. UNITONE does it best.”

“…from the time of our building’s construction, to the present, we have benefited from a UNITONE Video Intercom and alarm system for Metropolitan Tower. The system provides excellent privacy and convenience to residents, and helps our building staff do their job efficiently. UNITONE’S technicians respond to requests for repairs quickly and are expertly trained to fix any problems that arise. We consider UNITONE our partner helping us make life easier and safer for our residents.”

“We have had a UNITONE system for (many years now), and we’re thinking of an upgrade. We want the new flush mounted units that are handset free. And with UNITONE’S latest system, we would be able to get global annunciation, which is a fantastic feature. The system we presently have is nothing to sneeze at, though. A lot of people who come here are vendors—many unsolicited—so it helps to be able to see them on the video monitor before I agree to let them in! The bottom line is we are very happy with UNITONE, its top-notch staff, and its product.”

“I met Lucien many years ago…and from day one I saw his integrity and honesty. Since then we have built many buildings and installed UNITONE video intercoms in most of them. We have introduced the UNITONE system to our clients and they were so satisfied with the product that they adopted it for their existing buildings. Although we rarely have to deal with Lucien personally, since the technicians do their job well, but when we do, he is always a man of his word. A handshake is equivalent to the best contract in the world. We highly recommend the product and the company.”

“We are the front desk staff of a condominium (in NYC). UNITONE installed our intercom system about 7 or 8 years ago. We have had professional, prompt and excellent service in all the ensuing years. Our thanks to UNITONE.”