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New gadgets are a dime a dozen–-but great CUSTOMER SERVICE is much more elusive. You know how important it is when your new device doesn’t work or when you try to get help and you can’t. Quality CUSTOMER SERVICE is essential in sustaining a business, and it is the foundation of a customer’s relationship with a product and the company that made it.

For more than 30 years, UNITONE’S goal has been to emphasize both sales and quality CUSTOMER service, and it has never wavered.

Hands On Expertise

With Professionals You Can Trust

Unitone Tests All Its Products In Its New York Offices

The company’s technical staff handles an array of strategic services including maintenance and repair, in-house access card configuration, remote management assistance, and customer service callbacks.

UNITONE provides developers, builders, architects, construction managers and electricians with security expertise and design options, helping them implement the perfect systems package for their building.

Fast and Easy Installation

UNITONE’s wiring system, despite all the benefits it delivers, is easy to install yet requires fewer wires than the old “push-to-talk/push-to-listen” intercoms.
Once installed, the systems require little, if any, maintenance.

UNITONE’S technical experts provide full supervision and support during the entire installation process.

Additionally, UNITONE conducts free demos to all new building staff and residents showing them how to use their new computerized video intercom and alarm system.

All UNITONE products are designed in the USA. Its faceplates are manufactured in the Bronx, NY and its circuit boards and components are tested right in its NY offices. UNITONE has always believed that if you make and control your own products, and have a ready supply of parts, you are best able to service customers and protect their long-term investment.

UNITONE customers trust and depend upon the company not only for its product expertise but for its commitment to maintaining product availability.


When you need parts, technical assistance, design consultation or supervision, you can count on UNITONE to be there for you.


All UNITONE products carry a full two-year warranty.

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