Buildings with a full-time doorman

System 2000F: Complete System Features

UNITONE’S System 2000F is a video intercom and alarm system that provides unsurpassed SECURITY, CONVENIENCE and PRIVACY. It is COMPUTER-BASED, not INTERNET-BASED, and therefore, is optimized for safety and is virtually hack-free. Its simple-to-use interface allows the building staff to quickly send residents messages and to instantaneously alert them when there’s an emergency. The System’s personal alarms and messaging service keeps residents in touch 24/7. And with UNITONE’S revolutionary modular design, many parts can be unplugged, upgraded or replaced quickly without interrupting service.

  • Key Functions For the Resident

      • Automatic on-screen views: Residents immediately see visitors on their home screens. They can choose to answer the call or not.
      • Complete privacy: If you don’t answer the call, no one will know you’re home.
      • Crystal-clear communication: State-of-the-art audio and video provide superb voice and image recognition on a color LCD monitor.
      • Fire, police and medical alarms: A press of the button alerts the doorman in case of an emergency. Your name, apartment number and medical information (if shared) will be displayed on the doorman’s computer screen.
      • Personal intrusion alarm: Keeps you safe at home and away.
      • Doorman call/automatic call back: You will receive an automatic call back, if the line is busy.
      • Message notification: A blinking green light on your apartment unit indicates you have a message.
      • Call forwarding: Calls to your apartment can be optionally forwarded to your cell phone.
      • Taxi or valet request: Request a cab or service with the touch of a button.
  • Key Functions For the Doorman

    • Computerized resident directory: Finds residents quickly.
    • One-key resident calling: “One step and you’re done”.
    • Building-wide messaging: Sends messages to one apartment, all apartments or to a group of apartments through a single operation. (SEE MESSAGES)
    • Resident identification: Resident’s name automatically appears on the computer screen before answering the call.
    • Resident information storage: Easily retrieve information left by residents such as phone numbers and special arrangements.
    • Remote communication: Communicate with residents via one-button call panels in the laundry room, gym, garage, etc.
    • Multiple doorman stations: System can be accessed from multiple areas.
    • Message notification: Resident requests appear automatically on the computer screen for easy call back/and or action.
  • Seemless System Integration

    • CCTV: System 2000F is completely integrated with multiple CCTV cameras, manned by the building staff at the concierge station.
    • Personal card access: Personalized access cards are integrated with the features of 2000F. Cards are easily added or removed from the system remotely.
    • Patented Remote management: PATENTED (optional) capability allows management to remotely modify the system, thus saving time and money. For example, management can send emergency texts to residents, notices of mandatory requirements, requests for emergency entrance and can modify or remove access cards once a person vacates the building.

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