Unitone designs and manufactures video intercoms and alarm systems for residential buildings. Its longevity, and innovation cement its reputation as the leader in computerized security systems for high-rise buildings.

UNITONE offers two different systems—with many different design elements—for buildings with a full-time doorman, part-time doorman, or no doorman at all. There is a UNITONE system for every resident!

UNITONE’S key features begin with a video intercom wall unit that allows people to see and hear all visitors before letting them into their building. In buildings with multiple views, and without full-time doormen, residents can see the entrance area, lobby, garage and other views for added security. All UNITONE’S latest models are handset-free, simply designed and come in white, stainless steel and customized colors. Extended features include on-screen messaging, one-touch dialing to the concierge, automatic callback, building-wide or floor-wide announcements, personal alarms like police, fire, medical and intrusion alarms and remote management.

Unitone’s systems are designed for residential buildings with four apartment units or more. They have been installed in both new and existing buildings.

Absolutely! Unitone has a team of talented and expert technicians to serve its customers. And because its systems are modularly constructed, they can be easily repaired. Parts are always available. With a Unitone system, you don’t have to throw out the entire system if it doesn’t work—just repair or replace a part and it’s up-and-running!

Unitone has been designing and manufacturing its systems since 1981, and is proud that much of its product is made in the USA. Unitone’s service desk is open 24/7 to assist customers in ordering service or parts, when needed.

Not very often. While the company has frequently upgraded its systems to take advantage of new technology, it generally adds new functions rather than completely redesigning an entire system. The company doesn’t believe in systematically reconfiguring new product lines year after year. That’s because a security system serves hundreds of people and requires a great deal of time and money to replace it. Instead, UNITONE believes that security systems should be durable, fixable and upgradeable. UNITONE has been in the forefront of providing its customers with the latest in software upgrades without having to replace its entire systems.

Unitone is headquartered in NYC where the needs of customers are intricate and demanding. The company provides expert consultancy services and the most up-to-date security system solutions in the industry. It understands the residential market thoroughly and its System 2000F can be integrated with CCTV cameras, biometric devices and card access systems, which add to its overall competencies.

Ask yourself what you need in order to operate a safe and efficient building. Our systems satisfy both residents and building staff alike. With our video intercom and alarm systems, residents can see their visitors before letting them into their building; they can receive electronic messages right to their apartment units and get automatic call backs from the concierge. They also have perfect sound and picture of various views in their building at all times. If you live in, or are constructing a 300-plus unit building, you want a system that keeps people safe, keeps conversations private and enables staff to work efficiently. Modern urban life is increasingly complicated and stressful. You need a system that handles all the flow and back-and-forth of information. You should also purchase a system for the long-term: one that can be updated and has a ready supply of parts. We believe in a stand-alone system, one that is Computer-based and not Internet-based and can survive a catastrophic event like a phone or cable outage. Since cell phones can be hacked and don’t always work in spotty coverage areas, we don’t believe a security system should be entirely cell-phone based.

You should look for a company with a solid, long-term track record, and years of experience in dealing with your type of residence. You also want a company with its own service technicians who know their product and can respond to service calls quickly and efficiently.  Unitone has been designing, assembling and maintaining its own security system solutions for more than 30 years. Unlike dealers, it is completely knowledgeable about and responsible for what it sells.

Unitone systems work on main power, battery back-up, or generator back-up. If, during a building-wide power failure, the Unitone system is hooked up to a battery back-up, or a generator, it will continue to function. Additionally, having the ability to make audio announcements in apartments and hallways during an emergency is a critical feature that keeps people informed during a crisis.

All UNITONE products come with a full two-year warranty. Other system components such as computers or cameras come with their own standard, industry warranties.

Unitone is available 24/7 and has the fastest response time in the industry. When appointments are made, UNITONE’s technicians are on the job site at the appointed time or within one hour of it. On weekends, Unitone’s technicians can respond to any service calls or emergencies.

Unitone’s system parts are modular in design and therefore, are able to be easily repaired and upgraded.

UNITONE’s Systems have been in installed in some buildings for more than 30 years—an industry record! Others have been installed for 20 years or far less. Click on Projects to read our loyal customers’ histories and stories.

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Not at all. Unitone is nimble, has tremendous research capabilities and presently serves thousands of customers in the U.S. Besides, Enron, Anderson Consulting and Blockbuster were HUGE and they’re out of business. Unitone has been in operation since 1981 and has achieved astounding penetration in the marketplace. When customers choose Unitone they know there are selecting top-line systems solutions that are durable, upgradeable and at the fore-front of technological advances.

Almost all video intercoms on the market are imported from Germany, Korea, Vietnam and China.  But UNITONE’S systems are designed and tested in the U.S. and some parts are manufactured in the Bronx, NY.  That gives the company a unique advantage when it comes to parts replacement, repairs and upgradability functions. Other systems generally can’t be repaired—they have to be replaced when they malfunction or are outdated. With UNITONE’S unique modular construction, broken or non-working parts can be replaced and technical add-ons or upgrades can be done easily and inexpensively.